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Postcard From Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

We spent an afternoon doing a walking tour and generally exploring this wonderful town. Our group stopped for drinks at a little cafe and enjoyed some of the local tasty treats!

This will be the last of my postcards from our river cruise on the Danube. Anyone interested in more photos can check out my Adobe Portfolio site, where I have posted a bunch of photos in several galleries.

Postcard From Linz, Austria

Night time view of the Nibelungen Bridge over the Danube River in Linz, Austria

The journey continues with a photograph from Linz, Austria. We stayed in Linz until late in the evening, and I was able to capture this scene just after dinner. The building on the left is the Lentos  Fine Art Museum, and on the right (blue in this photo – it changes) is the Ars Electronica Center, a museum of technology.

I’ve got a few more postcards to share while I catch up on my processing, so stay tuned!

Postcard From Passau, Germany

Alleyway with colorful cobblestones marking the way to artists’ studios. Passau, Germany

One of the notable features of Passau is the many narrow alleyways, with cobblestones painted to direct visitors to artists’ studios. Many of the shops were closed at the time of our visit due to the artists being on holiday, but the alleys themselves were interesting to explore.

Random: Jive Turkey

Street sweeper in Prague, Czech Republic

I was looking through my news feed earlier and saw a headline titled “New fast-casual turkey leg restaurant called Jive Turkey Hut opening in north Charlotte.” Out loud I asked “why does Charlotte (or anyone) need a restaurant that serves turkey legs? To which Kathy answered “because there are more of them than there are of you.” 😉

According to the article, they are known for their “stuffed, smothered and sauced turkey legs including a shrimp alfredo turkey leg and a crawfish macaroni and cheese turkey leg.” A location in Houston typically has lines wrapped around the building.

I realize I live a sheltered life and that we don’t frequent many restaurants, but I can’t imagine.