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Where To Next?

Sunset over the bay in Chincoteague, Virginia

One of my favorite questions from friends and neighbors is “so, where are you off to next?”  One of our neighbors is certain that we’re trying to spend all of our retirement dollars on vacations, but since we like having a place to come home to, we only spend part of it! 😉  I guess we’ve developed a well-earned reputation, and one that we’re just a bit proud of. 🙂

In a few days Kathy & I will be setting out to bag a few more states on our path toward 50.  We’re looking forward to cooler temperatures and meeting up with some friends along the way.  I plan to send “Postcards” from the road as we go, although they likely won’t be daily.  Stay tuned!

Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

Kathy & I are in Florida for a few days trying to escape the (relative) cold of home.  We’re currently in Captiva Island waiting out a wet and windy day.  But I’m not looking for sympathy – even at a chilly 62 degrees it’s a lot warmer here than at home, and even warmer than those of you farther north!