Hard To Believe

Bison in Snow. Yellowstone National Park near Biscuit Geyser Basin

Yesterday afternoon the thermometer on our patio (in the shade!) read 100 degrees. The month before we were taking a photography tour in Yellowstone. In the snow at 30 degrees!

Still processing photos and a bit behind, but couldn’t resist commenting on the temperature differential.

Stay cool, wherever you are! 😉

Pine trees in Snow. Kepler Cascades overlook, Yellowstone National Park near Old Faithful Inn

4 thoughts on “Hard To Believe”

    1. It’s also a reminder of the geographic diversity in this country (and world?) of ours. At 8000-10000 feet in Yellowstone it was snowing, but at home in NC we had left the A/C turned on and it was in the upper 80s. I read yesterday that Going To The Sun Road in Glacier has just opened, and several years ago in early June we couldn’t get to the top of Pike’s Peak because of a snowstorm. Fickle perhaps, but also quite normal!

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