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Sunrise On The River

Sunrise on the Mississippi River approaching New Orleans

Our approach to New Orleans was really interesting, because it involved an 8-hour transit up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico starting around midnight. Sunrise occurred about an hour from our arrival, and I was up early to catch the morning light. This is an easy edit of one of my photos from that morning, although I have many more to go through once we get home. Needless to say, a quiet sail up the river in the early morning was quite special.

This Morning’s Gift

Sunrise at Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Sunrises have gotten sort of cliche for me lately, but the chance for a sunrise at the beach still manages to get my attention. We spent last night at Fort Walton Beach, FL and I got myself up this morning to see what I was presented with. I gladly accepted this gift of a beautiful sunrise. The crescent moon, Venus and stars were an unexpected bonus!

Sunrise at Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Great Cloud

Sunset over Sand Bay from a pier in Ranier, Minnesota

We just returned from another little jaunt, so I am now two trips behind in my posting. Here is a random sunset photo from our Minnesota visit. The sunset itself was nothing special but this cloud was pretty awesome.

In case you don’t wish to wait, I have published a gallery of photos from that trip on my Adobe Portfolio site.

A Superior View

Sunset over Lake Superior from Eagle Harbor, Michigan

We’ve been visiting with friends Jeff & Mary Pat in Eagle Harbor, Michigan. They are blessed with this wonderful view from essentially their front yard. I braved the mosquitos for a little while to receive a few gifts of a beautiful summer sunset.

A few evenings earlier I watched an even more colorful sunset from the comfort of their living room. That night the friendship, the conversation and the bourbon made it a good place to be simply an observer, but I didn’t want to leave without at least making the attempt at a photograph or two!

Sunset over Lake Superior from Eagle Harbor, Michigan

It Pays To Stick Around

Sunset over Lake Erie from Avon Lake, OH

My brother Bob has a pretty sweet location, right across the road from the Lake Erie shore in Avon Lake, OH. Whenever we visit, we make a point to trek across the street for sunset. His across-the-street neighbor has made a nice little safe harbor for his boats, and has graciously allowed Bob and his guests access to the breakwall. During the traditional 4th of July events, the gang makes a point of heading to the breakwall to watch the sunset. While it is nice to get a few photos of the silhouetted people watching the ball drop, I often stick around until well after “official” sunset because I know that is when the best color will occur. It also means that all of the non-photographers will head back across the street to resume their respective shenanigans.

Most photographers know that the best photographs often happen after the “tourists” have left. And this is just one example. We went over there on three separate nights, and I got nice after-sunset photos each night. Every one just a little different. It definitely pays to stick around!

And a bonus: I finally got to field test my new tripod! 🙂