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Postcard From Selma, Alabama

The Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River in Selma, Alabama

We made it to Columbus, GA on Sunday night, our first night out, and traveled today to Ruston, LA.  On our way we realized we were passing through Selma, AL and decided to stop at the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the Selma Interpretive Center.  We also walked around town a bit and stopped by the Brown Chapel AME Church.  I’ll refrain from additional commentary for now but it was quite the moving experience.

Postcard From Nalcrest, Florida

Nalcrest, Florida

What would it be like to be the letter carrier for a community full of retired letter carriers?  That’s a bit of a running joke in Nalcrest, that is a retirement community exclusively for retired mail carriers.  Nalcrest was designed by and continues to be operated by the Nalcrest Foundation, Inc., a branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers, the union representing United States Postal Service city letter carriers. It was the brainchild of William Doherty, the first United States Ambassador to Jamaica and NALC President from 1941–1962. 

The community consists of 253 acres, 153 acres of which are developed into 500 garden-style apartments. The remaining 100 acres (0.4 km2) are undeveloped and includes a manmade lake of 15 acres around which the community is developed, and that is connected to the 7,500 acre Lake Weohyakapka.

We have friends who spend the winter there, and this is the third year we have visited.  It’s an interesting place with many friendly people from all over the US and Canada.  But you won’t find any dogs or cats.  Evidently the story about dogs and mail carriers not getting along is true. 😉

Nalcrest, Florida

Postcard From Lake Placid, Florida

Mural depicting Melvil Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal System and instrumental in bringing the railroad to Lake Placid Florida, known as the Town of Murals

Known as the Town of Murals, Lake Placid has over 40 murals dedicated to scenes, important events and notable people from the town’s history.  More to follow later!

Mural depicting assistance by local mechanic Lake Swain Bowers to three tourists who turned out to be Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone in Lake Placid Florida, known as the Town of Murals
Lake Placid Florida, known as the Town of Murals

Postcard From O’Brien, Florida

O’brien Feed Depot and Hardware store near O’Brien, Florida

Kathy & I were tired of the (relative) cold and decided to make a quick escape to warmer climes.  We have friends in central Florida who give us a good excuse to head that way, so we left home on Friday for about 10 days.  I had found this old feed store on some website or another and had it saved in my map folder.  Today we were close enough to make a slight detour and check it out.  I found a few other interesting scenes nearby that I’ll share over the next few days or when we get back home.

In the meantime it was a sunny and toasty 70 at one point during the day.  Yay for heat! 🙂

Rooster sculpture atop O’brien Feed Depot and Hardware store near O’Brien, Florida

Postcard From Fort Larned National Historic Site, Kansas

Fort Larned National Historic Site near Larned, Kansas

Interesting history to this fort, which was established in 1859 and whose role consisted of guarding the transport of the US Mail as well as general traffic along the Santa Fe Trail.

The best part for us was that we spent over an hour at the fort and the only other person we saw was the caretaker, who we saw only from a distance.  A very quiet and peaceful experience!

Postcard From Norton, Kansas

Former gas station in Norton, Kansas that is now a portion of the Norton Senior Citizen Center

An extremely rare 3-photo postcard! 🙂

Norton, Kansas boasts three vintage gas stations that have been repurposed for other uses.  It was on my list of stops last year but we didn’t get there.  This year we made a point of stopping by.  Very cool!

Former gas station and Chevrolet dealership in Norton, Kansas that now houses a title company
Former gas station in Norton, Kansas that now houses the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau