Postcard From Yellowstone: Old Faithful

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park

Kathy & I have decided that there is such a thing as “Geyser Fatigue.” 🙂 But geysers are one of the highlights of visiting Yellowstone. The most famous one of all is Old Faithful, so it deserved a spot on this postcard. We had a room facing the geyser basin and specifically Old Faithful, so we watched it erupt numerous times over the four days we stayed at the Old Faithful Inn.

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Yellowstone: Old Faithful”

  1. Great post card, did you get close enough to feel the spray? Looks like your on the road again. Have fun!

    1. No, we stayed out of the spray. It was already chilly enough without getting wet! Plus, that spray isn’t too friendly to camera equipment. 😉

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