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Postcard From Yellowtail Dam, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Yellowtail Dam area in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana

I’m not sure how it compares to Glen Canyon size-wise, but it was among the tallest I’ve seen. There is a truck parked in front of the red building that will give some scale. You have to go there on purpose – the dam itself is about 50 miles off of I-90 and the lake extends into northern Wyoming. You can’t (easily) get to the southern end from the northern except via boat.

Another Postcard from Nebraska

Hay!  Rural countryside along US 183 in north central Nebraska

I’m a few days behind in processing photos – we are currently in Pullman, Washington.  This one will hopefully whet the appetite until I can get closer to caught up.

Weird weather day in store today – after beautiful skies and warm yesterday, they are talking high winds and blowing dust with  high of only 70.  Sending it Monte’s way, it sounds like!

Postcard From Bowling Green, Kentucky

National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

We’re currently in Billings, MT and enjoying our first “non-get-up-and-go” morning since we left home.  It’s been 5 days of beautiful but somewhat grueling driving, done on purpose because our ultimate destination is still a few days away!  We’ve seen some amazing scenery and I’ve taken (more than) a few photos, but haven’t wanted to spend my down time on the computer.  So here’s a tidbit to keep the flow going.  I’ll probably work on a few more soon but it’s time for breakfast! 😉