Postcard From New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

The first stop on our current cruise was the exotic Caribbean (not!) port of New Orleans. It was our first time there, and we did a bus tour, saw a concert at Preservation Hall and did LOTS of walking. It was interesting to visit, although as the day went on and the crowds got drunker, we had had enough. New Orleans…Check!

4 thoughts on “Postcard From New Orleans”

  1. While working as a flight attendant we would make it to the French Quarter when it was a long overnight. Our hotel was near the airport so it required a bus ride to the Quarter. It was usually just for some meal and never was disappointed.

    1. We were only there during the day, so did not have much time to experience the cuisine. In fact, we had lunch at an Irish pub where I did get some boudin. But otherwise it was mostly walking and sightseeing, with a few photos! We really enjoyed the concert at Preservation Hall.

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