This Morning’s Gift

Sunrise at Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Sunrises have gotten sort of cliche for me lately, but the chance for a sunrise at the beach still manages to get my attention. We spent last night at Fort Walton Beach, FL and I got myself up this morning to see what I was presented with. I gladly accepted this gift of a beautiful sunrise. The crescent moon, Venus and stars were an unexpected bonus!

Sunrise at Fort Walton Beach, Florida

4 thoughts on “This Morning’s Gift”

  1. Nice how you managed to get them to put the end of that pier right in the right spot. You must have an “in” with someone.

    1. Interestingly, I have a picture from just a few minutes after the sun rose, where it is exactly over the structure at the end of the pier. I didn’t post it, because it’s going to need a little more work on a real computer before I can share it. But I will be sure to share it!

  2. I also love the light in these two images, gifted to you!!! Rising early can have perks. I expect my sunrise images would include the beach if’n I lived near one.

    1. Sunrises and sunsets without clouds can be challenging, but the color is often very nice 30 minutes or so before sunrise or after sunset, which is what I found here.

      I think what I love about the beach in the morning, much as you enjoy at your natural areas, is the quiet.

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