It Pays To Stick Around

Sunset over Lake Erie from Avon Lake, OH

My brother Bob has a pretty sweet location, right across the road from the Lake Erie shore in Avon Lake, OH. Whenever we visit, we make a point to trek across the street for sunset. His across-the-street neighbor has made a nice little safe harbor for his boats, and has graciously allowed Bob and his guests access to the breakwall. During the traditional 4th of July events, the gang makes a point of heading to the breakwall to watch the sunset. While it is nice to get a few photos of the silhouetted people watching the ball drop, I often stick around until well after “official” sunset because I know that is when the best color will occur. It also means that all of the non-photographers will head back across the street to resume their respective shenanigans.

Most photographers know that the best photographs often happen after the “tourists” have left. And this is just one example. We went over there on three separate nights, and I got nice after-sunset photos each night. Every one just a little different. It definitely pays to stick around!

And a bonus: I finally got to field test my new tripod! 🙂

2 thoughts on “It Pays To Stick Around”

  1. This is beautiful! Wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something like this to enjoy everyday. I can tell that new tripod is already making you a better photographer.

    1. Even if all it does is to get me to take the camera out more, it is worth the investment.

      One night the owner came down and was lamenting “all those clouds!” I told him not to worry, because the clouds would make for a great photograph and were the reason I was there!

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