Chasing Shadows

Interior hallway of Biltmore House

Like most of us, I’m always on the lookout for interesting shadows. Here are a few from our recent visit to Biltmore.

Connected or disconnected? Biltmore House

One of the things that fascinates me about photography is that often the best photographs are the ones that require the least “work.” In terms of both effort and of processing.

Exterior lamp. Biltmore House
Lamp. Biltmore House
Grain cradle shadows on the wall of the Village Hotel at Biltmore
Ceiling light fixture in the hallway of the Village Hotel at Biltmore House and Gardens
Trails around Bass Lake on the Biltmore Estate.

8 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows”

  1. Tom, especially #2 grabbed my eye: The beautiful arc of the shadow leading to the person in the corner is extraordinary beautiful.

    1. I was sitting on a bench contemplating this scene when the girl walked up and stood in the corner. The biggest trick was finding a gap in the crowds walking by in this very busy thoroughfare. In fact on the left side there is just a hint of a shoe leaving the frame. Thank you for the comment, Markus!

  2. I also liked number two, then back to one then the grain cradle then back to number two. I hat decisions! I also am a shadow snob, always looking for them. I don’t know but number one has such a mystery to it. Great selfie!

    1. I didn’t know what it was called either. But there was another one in one of the barns with a sign that explained that grain cradles were used as early as the 1750s for cutting grains such as oats and wheat. Their use required “a great deal of dexterity and practice.” They also make nice shadows!

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