In The Middle Of It

NWS Radar and Approximate Location of Ocala as of 8:00 AM

At first this will sound absurd, but Kathy & I are currently in Ocala, FL watching the wind and rain from Tropical Storm Nicole. Why the heck would we do that? No, we’re not auditioning for a spot on The Weather Channel!

Kathy & I are heading out of Port Tampa this Friday (tomorrow as I write this) for a cruise. Our original plan called for us to drive to Ocala Thursday (today), then on to Tampa – a 1.5 hour drive – tomorrow. Once we saw the forecast for Nicole, we decided to come down a day early, knowing that there wouldn’t be a lot we could do.

Our drive down was uneventful. We didn’t see a drop of rain the whole way, although it did start to get a little breezy. We got out for dinner last evening and even managed a bit of a walk. This morning we got out for breakfast between rain bands and before the wind got too strong, and we are now watching rain blow against our balcony door. But it is supposed to blow through in time for us to get out to dinner later.

Our drive to Tampa in the morning should see the weather improving and the skies beginning to clear.  And away we’ll go!

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    1. There was a lot of damage along the Atlantic coast and they are still sorting it out. We’re very glad to be sailing from the Gulf coast instead of the East coast because some of those ports remain closed. But we always have a great time! 🙂

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