Fishing bobber stuck in a tree. North Park Lake near Pittsburgh, PA

We’re on our annual ‘Friends & Family” road trip, currently in Avon, OH visiting my brother and his family. A few days ago we met some friends for lunch at North Park near Pittsburgh (sorry Howard, we were only there for a few hours! 🙂 ). I “snagged” this photo while waiting for our friends and sitting on a bench alongside the lake. I hadn’t gotten my camera out of the car, but this little scene convinced me to go back and get it.

6 thoughts on “Snagged!”

  1. I have gotten used to using my phone when I’m away from my camera. I’m impressed with the quality of some of the newer phones.

    1. Yes, the quality of phones is very good these days. I still gravitate to the camera whenever I want to take “serious” photos, whatever that means.

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