The Life Of A Tree

February 2007: Tree in silhouette at twilight, The Saddle Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

A frequent stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is an overlook called “The Saddle.” So named because it sits on a ridge with a eastern view toward a deep valley and a western view toward Buffalo Mountain.

September 2016: Sunset at The Saddle Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan Virginia

We’ve visited The Saddle probably dozens of times over the years, occasionally getting a nice sunset there. The view toward the east would probably make for an interesting sunrise, but in all our trips there we haven’t been close enough for a morning visit. I may need to remedy that at some point!

There is a tree next to the parking lot that I have photographed over the years. I was interested, and a bit disappointed, to see that it is for all intents and purposes, past its useful life. The decline was pretty obvious over the years, but is very apparent now. I suppose it is just a matter of time before a big wind, or a chainsaw, carries it off.

July 2022: Tree at The Saddle Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan Virginia

6 thoughts on “The Life Of A Tree”

  1. Wow, that didn’t take too long, what 15 years? Kinda sad I’d say but it’s nice that your captured it even though in its declining years. Any idea what’s killing it?

      1. Some “tree portraits” can be worthwhile, but when I photographed this tree I mostly did it because “it was there.” It was only after the final photo that I decided it was worth doing something with the earlier versions.

    1. Well, since I am hopefully illiterate when it comes to tree identification, I’m not even certain what kind of tree it is. I never really paid much attention, but a close-in look at my file suggests it might be some kind of oak tree, which are not usually impacted by any of the common diseases. I can say that it is very exposed there, and given the weather that can come over that ridge, it could just be plain old extreme conditions.

  2. Am, I’m a tree lover. Interested in those who are solo and those who gravitate towards groves. And, silhouettes of them are some of my favorites. And, yes it is sad.

    1. I also love to see trees, especially those with interesting shapes or locations. This one was special because of its location and the fact that it sat alone on the top of the ridge, making for interesting viewing as well as photographing. There are other trees in similar locations along the Parkway, and their condition, and their fate, varies.

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