Postcard From Seneca Lake, New York

Morning on Seneca Lake at Plum Point Lodge near Himrod, New York

I’m finding it quite easy to make these early morning excursions when I am in an interesting place to photograph.  I went out this morning in front of the lodge where we are staying.  It is still cloudy, although forecast to start clearing today.  The soft cool morning light made long exposures easy.  In this case 7.5 seconds on a tripod gave the water a nice blur while preserving some of the detail.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that we are now officially at 49 states!  The last one, of course, is Hawaii. We have plans to go there in February.

2 thoughts on “Postcard From Seneca Lake, New York”

  1. Yes on this image. I also find I can force myself when there is something interesting to photograph. That’s a long drive to Hawaii. And, congratulations on 49 states!

    1. Yeah, we’re considering an alternative form of transportation for Hawaii. In fact, we have flights and hotel booked for February, plus as a backup we’re booked on a cruise there in November 2022. We’ve got it covered! 🙂

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