Postcard From Mount Washington, New Hampshire

At the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire – 6,288 feet. 30 degrees, 40 mph wind and blowing freezing rain!

Blue skies and sunshine just wouldn’t have been the right way to experience Mount Washington, said to have the “worst weather in the country” according to some.  We saw no sunshine today, and in fact were amazed at the strength of the blowing snow, ice and wind at the summit.  We rode the cog railway – no way were they letting cars to the top in those conditions!

Lots of fall color around, although we were faced with a lot of fog, rain and tourists.  Photos to follow, however!

Freezing conditions at the top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Mount Washington, New Hampshire”

    1. It was a lot of fun, in hindsight. Not quite so while navigating the icy, slushy trail. It’s only about 50 yards from the visitor center to the summit, but (a) we couldn’t actually see it from the visitor center or most of the trail, and (b) it would have been hard to stand up in either the ice or the wind, and we had both!

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