Another Early Morning

Sunrise on the beach on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

When I awoke this morning at 4:50am I knew I was in for another morning on the beach.  Sucks, don’t it? 😉  I was greeted by some distant lightning that I wasn’t able to capture adequately, but did get a few more pools reflecting the morning light.  A little different from yesterday, but that’s why we go more than once!  No promises for tomorrow, but I do have a streak going now. 🙂

Today marks the third anniversary of our retirement.  I think we’ve spent our time well and look forward to many more years.  We celebrated last night at one of our favorite local restaurants and look forward to a few more days on the beach.

4 thoughts on “Another Early Morning”

  1. Another wonderful image and well worth the early rise. Congratulations on three years! I also think you have spent the time wisely and what you wanted to do during retirement, almost. I do not have scenes like that near me so I like that you are able to share them with me.

    1. Well, I only made two mornings in a row and now the tides and the weather are conspiring against me. We’ll see how things go before we head back to home base on Saturday.

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