Totally Eclipsed

Total solar eclipse from Avon Lake, Ohio

I would suggest that anyone who claims that a total solar eclipse is no big deal has never seen one. Yes, this one was heavily hyped and over-commercialized, but that should not detract from the significance. What I saw today was beyond explanation. You truly had to be there!

Total solar eclipse from Avon Lake, Ohio
Total solar eclipse from Avon Lake, Ohio

Kathy & I drove to Avon Lake, OH which was right on the centerline of totality. My sister-in-law is an astronomer who led the sciency part of a celebration at the local high school stadium.

Total solar eclipse from Avon Lake, Ohio
Total solar eclipse from Avon Lake, Ohio

I didn’t take photos of the actual sun (well, to be truthful I did but they suck). I did take quite a few photos of the crowds, and of my brother and sister in law, Kathy, our son Scott and grandson Edison enjoying the show. We were all first timers and agreed that we hope to see the next one in the US, in 2045!

Here is an actual eclipse photo from my niece Cassandra.

Eclipse photo by Cassandra Seybert

4 thoughts on “Totally Eclipsed”

  1. I have a couple of friends who enjoyed the eclipse and traveled to see it. I remember watching the shadows from the one we had back in 2017. Glad you got to experience it!!!

  2. Took me a while to get to your post so I’m a bit late in this. I was in VT watching it and was in awe. It’s my first totality and I watched it without taking photographs as I wanted to get the full experience and not worry about technology.

    1. It obviously took me a while to see your comment! For some reason I only get some notifications of comments and didn’t get one for yours.

      I am very glad I actually watched the eclipse, rather than struggle with gear while it was happening. Yes, it was definitely an awe-inspiring experience, and I’m glad you were able to experience it too!

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