Postcard From Big Bend National Park

The Rio Grande River near Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park in Texas

I’m skipping a few stops but this one was too good to wait on.  Kathy & I visited Big Bend National Park today.  What a spectacular place – we had no idea!  This is just one photo that hardly represents the entirety of the place, only just one part.  But since (for us) the point was getting to the Rio Grande, it represents that goal.  I’ll post more once we get home, but it has been a busy trip so far!

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Big Bend National Park”

  1. Big Bend is one of the extraordinary places in this country of ours. Are you going to stop in Marfa, Texas to see what Donald Judd’s presence has done to the middle of nowhere?

    1. Unfortunately all of the Judd/Chinati properties are still closed to the public. But we did make a virtual shopping stop at the faux Prada store (next post!).

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