Phase 2: Day 5 – Life In Color

Shopping carts behind Walmart

We were greeted this morning with word of a new tropical storm off the coast and headed our way – TS Bertha.  Looks like more rain and cool weather for the next few days.  Things get interestinger and interestinger…. 😉

I’m looking forward to watching the SpaceX launch this afternoon.  Weather forecast looks iffy there, too, but we’ll see.  Kathy & I had discussed the possibility of driving down and finding a place to stay for the week, but decided that was probably too far, too soon.  We just missed a launch a few years ago.  We had gotten off a cruise ship in Port Canaveral that morning, found a place at a roadside park across from the space center and were ready to go, but the launch was scrubbed with 11 second remaining.  As Maxwell Smart would have said, “missed it by that much!” 😉


2 thoughts on “Phase 2: Day 5 – Life In Color”

  1. Interestinger? I like that. A new word I assume and will start using it myself. Yeah, probably best to stay at home and watch it on your computer while eating more grouper. 🙂

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