Phase 2 Day 6 – Life in Color

Life In Color: Pool Shadows

Kathy & I haven’t been frequent pool-goers in any of the neighborhoods we’ve lived.  But this year we had decided we were going to use the one in our current neighborhood more.  Of course it has not yet reopened for the season so we walk past it every day.  Some kind of hoopla between the HOA board, the pool company and attorneys.  But it gives some of the neighbors something new to talk about! 😉

This week Kathy & I pulled the plug on our October cruise and cleared the travel slate completely.  We’re planning a trip to the beach, thinking that renting and living in a condo down there for a week will give us a similar insulation from others to living at home while providing a change of scenery.  We need a change of scenery.

We’re hoping that things loosen up a bit across the country in June and July and are hoping to bag a few more states.  Unfortunately the ones we still need are in the far corners of the country.  But fortunately most of the states are wide-open spaces, so as long as we can get gas, get food and sleep, we might be able to put together a nice drive without a lot of people-ing.

2 thoughts on “Phase 2 Day 6 – Life in Color”

  1. Relate to the need for a change of scenery. I’ve been doing that by venturing out to the nature areas. But, there can be too many people at times because I go these areas for the solitude in nature. I’m never satisfied! Sorry about the decision to cancel the trip but that may be the best for now. Sounds like you already have options in mind to choose from. Who knows, other options may present themselves. And, now another new word from you: people-ing.

    1. We’ve known for a while what our decision would be, but somehow kept holding out hope that things would improve. The main issue is timing – we would have needed to make our final payments (not a small amount) in early July. And if for any reason the cruise got cancelled after the final payment is made, the cruise lines will only give “Future Cruise Credit” instead of refunding our money. Since we don’t have any idea when we’ll feel comfortable herding onto an airplane or a cruise ship, we figure that money can fund a pretty road trip budget for this year and possibly part of next year.

      Yes, we do have some ideas of things we’d like to do. Anything we decide on will need to be someplace we can drive to. The decision will ultimately depend on where else we’re able to go between now and October. If we end up celebrating right here at home, it won’t change the fact that we’ve been together 40 years. And home is a pretty good place!

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