Phase 1: Day 4 – Out and About

Lounge Chair at the (closed) pool

It’s hard to not write about myself when I’m not doing much and am trying not to get cranked up about all the junk in the media.  I figure there isn’t a lot of value in my sharing of links to interesting news articles, etc. because everyone already has their own established routine and sources.

One thing that I don’t talk about much is how much I love to read.  It is one of the many advantages of not having my head stuck in a television or video game.  I read mostly fiction but toss in a few non-fiction books that interest me, with a variety certain to throw off any algorithm trying to make meaningful recommendations.  Mostly the non-fiction stuff puts me to sleep. 🙂

For whatever it’s worth, I thought I would share a list of the books that I have read so far this year.  I’m kind of proud of the number of books I read, but my purpose is not to brag.  Perhaps someone is looking for a way to read more and doesn’t know where to start.  Thank goodness for the Kindle and a reasonably stocked library of e-books, since our libraries have been physically closed for nearly 2 months.

Blue Moon – Child

Back Spin – Coben

A Time to Kill – Grisham

The Hunt for Red October – Clancy

Bad Monkey – Hiaasen

One False Move – Coben

Razor Girl – Hiaasen

How Not To Diet – Greger

The Final Detail – Coben

A Very Stable Genius – Rucker

Crooked River – Preston & Child

Skinny Dip – Hiaasen

Patriot Games – Clancy

The Last Odyssey – Rollins

The Boy From The Woods – Coben

The Warsaw Protocol – Berry

The Demon-Haunted World – Sagan

You’ll note a lot of books by the same author.  That’s because I’m trying to go back to the beginning of a series and read the books in order.  If they are stand-alone books, I want to see the development of the author’s style over time.

Also, know that I read strictly for entertainment, not for content or analysis.  Ask me to discuss a book a week or two later and I probably can’t.  Sometimes I feel like I could read the same books over and over and remember something new each time.

2 thoughts on “Phase 1: Day 4 – Out and About”

  1. You and I are the opposite in that I read a lot of non-fiction. The reading can get heavy or deep at times. I have read more poetry the past 6 weeks. Much better choice than a television or my phone.

    1. Much of the current non-fiction is so political I just have to leave it alone. I need to work harder at finding some of the inspirational things that you read. I suppose reading fiction is in some ways no better than television, but for me I like to choose the content, there are no ads, and it’s free!

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