Phase 1: Day 5: Out and About

Out and About: Mailboxes

One of our OHMYGAWDTHEWORLDISENDING local “news” websites just published an article with the headline: “Subtropical Storm ‘Arthur’ Could Hit Carolinas Next Week If Bermuda Triangle Disturbance Grows.”  But of course a quick look at the National Hurricane Center website indicates that “A broad area of low pressure is expected to develop late this week or early this weekend a couple of hundred miles north of the Bahamas. Environmental conditions appear conducive for gradual development of this system, and a subtropical depression or storm is likely to form this weekend while it moves northeastward over the western Atlantic.”  So in other words – unless things change dramatically it isn’t coming anywhere near “the Carolinas.”  Besides, how are we going to buy bread, milk and toilet paper when there isn’t any?  Yikes! 🙂

Anything to get our minds off that pesky virus, right? 😉

2 thoughts on “Phase 1: Day 5: Out and About”

    1. Thanks, Mark. They seem to say that every year, and they are probably as accurate as any weather forecast. Storms in general seem to be getting nastier, but trying to forecast a number and severity doesn’t have much value – mostly I think it just gives the media something to talk about. I was mostly amused by the tone of the headline and article. While the NHC is definitely tracking a low pressure system, the news was making it out to be a lot bigger deal than it probably will be, and it doesn’t appear to be coming anywhere close to us.

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