At Long Last – Italy Photo Gallery On My Website!

Kathy & I were talking to friends recently who asked me about our travels to Italy, when I remembered that I had never published a gallery of Italy photos on my website.  It’s only taken a year, but I finally got around to it.  It’s a lot of photos – admittedly way more than I would ordinarily put in one gallery.  But it was a huge trip with lots of photos!  I ended up with about 3,000 processed photos, so a gallery with “only” 180 or so images is really editing it down!

Here’s the link!

4 thoughts on “At Long Last – Italy Photo Gallery On My Website!”

  1. Makes for a nice set Tom. The photo of the boat builer’s house in Venice (the one with all the hats) looks like it’s from another country. It really threw me 🙂
    My wife has just booked us on a 3-4 week trip to Italy for next year so this is kind of like a preview 🙂 My wife’s heritage is Italian and we both turn 60 next year so hopefully we’ll be celebrating that with pizza and vino.

    1. I hate to say that we skimmed the surface, but we really did. And my photos, as much as I love them, tell that tale. I love the idea of going for 3-4 weeks, and depending on where you go should give you a real chance to get deeper into certain areas. Last year was my 60th and also celebrated our retirement, so that made it even more special. Pizza and vino from the source is a great way to celebrate! When you do – salute’!

  2. Another well done series of images. I think you covered it all even if you only skimmed the surface. It stirred the desire to make my own trip over there.

    1. Thank you, Monte. I do feel like I got a good feel for what it is like there. Part of me could return every year, but my travel budget does not necessarily share that passion! 😉

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