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Phase 2: Day…Whatever – A Change of Scenery

First evening on the Beach, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Kathy & I arrived in Hilton Head Island, SC yesterday for a week.  Hilton Head is our absolute favorite beach destination and we love to come here as often as we can.  There are other beaches that are “hoitier” and “toitier” than HHI but we find this to be just right for us.  Beautiful beach, nice restaurants (when we want to eat out) and convenient grocery stores and other services.

Our rationale is that we’re going to live here for a week just like we would live at home…with a better view!  We brought a supply of food so we can minimize our going out – just like home.  Interesting so far that – other than one gas station just south of Columbia – we haven’t seen a single person wearing a mask.  Take that however you want, but things are overall a bit more relaxed here than in the Big City.  We are on Island Time, after all!

Phase 2: Day 20 – Life In Color

Morning walk in the neighborhood

We took our first foray into the restaurant world last evening to celebrate Kathy’s birthday.  It was a nice experience, not a lot different from what we’ve come to expect from our favorite restaurants, except the tables were farther apart, no one hugged and all the servers wore masks.  It was our first restaurant meal since March 16, and between our travels and the Coronacrisis, it was our first time at this restaurant since Christmas Eve.  We’re still not in a hurry to resume our normal visitation, but it was nice to see our friends.

This photo is one I took on our morning walk yesterday and it says several things to me.  The new X-T4 handles dynamic range really well, and it has very little noise despite a lot of shadow and highlight adjustment.  This was taken with the 23mm f1.4 prime lens.  The in-body image stabilization seems to work really well with non-stabilized lenses – as advertised.  In this photo, the lens exhibits very little flare and barely any chromatic aberration.  The 23 has been my favorite prime, it works really well on the X-T4 and makes a nice walk-around lens.

Phase 2: Day 19 – Life In Color

Construction workers at the mini storage construction site

One of my weekly routines is to go through the sale ad for our regular grocery store.  It amuses me to look at some of the foods that are advertised and wonder who eats them.  Today’s chuckle came from something called “Daily Crave Bourbon BBQ Quinoa Chips.”  I mean, that doesn’t even sound good.  I like bourbon, I like BBQ and I even like quinoa.  But I don’t know about mixing  them.  ‘Quinoa chips’ must be another one of the ways that food companies destroy otherwise healthy food by adding stuff to make it taste good to people who don’t know what healthy food tastes like.  I suppose you would wash those down with a Snapple. 😉

Phase 2: Day 18 – Life In Color

Pine cone inspection

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the protests that have been going on around our country.  Not because I don’t care, I do.  But while I agree that things need to change, I fear that until the people in charge are held accountable, these demonstrations will only provide entertainment for the masses and actually accomplish little.  I always try to be an optimist but optimism can be tough to come by these days!

It’s hard to be anything but optimistic when our grandson Edison is around!  One of the things he enjoys is using an old pair of my binoculars to watch the birds and the squirrels, and to make people seem “right next to me!”  He has a very curious mind and loves looking at interesting things and taking “nature walks” behind our house.

Edison examining the neighbors’ flowers with binoculars
May I come in?

Phase 2: Day 17 – Life In Color

Construction equipment at the mini storage construction site

I’m still working with the settings on this new camera and processing of the files.  Our grandson visited yesterday so I got some photos of him.  Shooting pictures of a moving 4 year old was a good test of focus tracking, and also of the user’s ability to use the camera!

No, these are not his toys. 😉  I may have a photo or two to share soon.


Fujifilm X-T4 First Impressions

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

There are numerous reviews already on the interwebs about the recently-introduced X-T4, but I thought it might be beneficial to at least one person (probably only me) to summarize my first impressions based on my own user experience and my own preferences in a somewhat (hopefully) cogent blog post.

My very first impression when I pulled the camera out of the box was “wow, this thing is a brick!”  While small in comparison to full-sized SLRs, the X-T4 on my scale weighs in at 21.8oz/618g vs. 16oz/455g for the X-T1.  Both cameras with battery and card but no lens.  That’s no small difference – about 36% by my calculation.  But it’s not really heavy, as cameras go.  The word I use to describe the X-T4 is that it feels “solid.”

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

When I downsized from the full-size Canon 5D Mark III to the X-T1 and the X-E2, I initially had a hard time adjusting to the smaller bodies, to the point where I purchased the accessory grips for both of them, and I would occasionally keep the L-brackets on them when walking around.  I gradually got to the point where I was comfortable with the bodies without the grips, although it took me a while before I started leaving the grips at home.  The X-T4 recaptures a bit of that “mass” with nicely designed grips on the right side, front and back.  I’ll probably still add a Lensmate thumb rest, as that has sort of become “standard equipment” for me.  I like the extra stability that the thumb rest provides.

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

I was initially excited about what I thought would be the ability to save multiple custom settings.  But unless I’m missing something – which is certainly possible – it doesn’t save everything for a particular situation.  As an example, I would like to set up a “Tripod” setting that locks in a low ISO, sets a 2-second delay and turns off image stabilization, among other things.  I would also like to set an “outdoor” setting with a lower Auto ISO range, and an “indoor” setting with a higher Auto ISO range.  But I can’t seem to get everything in each setting to “stick.”  I need to mess with it some more but it just may not be possible.  Not a big deal, but a small disappointment after I initially thought I could do that.  Although I didn’t buy the camera for that function, it would be nice to have.

Physically, the X-T4 has some very small but very important improvements.  Locks on the diopter knob, as well as the shutter speed and ISO dials.  Almost all of the buttons are customizable, with almost all functions able to be assigned to a button.  I have assigned a button to control image stabilization, one to turn the 2-second self-timer on and one as a depth of preview button.  In addition to manual controls and the ‘A’ setting for aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, there is a ‘C’ setting that allows you to control those same functions with one of the control wheels, so I can adjust (for example) aperture and exposure compensation using the wheels, keeping my eye on the viewfinder.  That’s a new-for-me feature and one I think I will find useful.  Dual card slots are not a big deal for me, but it will be nice to start out with two cards in the camera instead of just one.  This camera takes big files – in excess of 50MB each – so cards will fill a lot faster!  I’ll need to keep using the camera in specific situations to figure out things like the HDR burst mode, nuances in the metering & focusing options and other things.  All in good time!

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

One of the downsides I have heard others mention is the new, fully articulating screen.  I know there will be situations where I’ll miss the tilting screen on the X-T1, but I think there will a lot more times when I’ll appreciate the flexibility of the articulating screen.  Also, I generally use only the viewfinder for shooting, so having the ability to turn the screen around completely will be nice.

I haven’t spent a lot of time pixel-peeping, but initially I have to say that image quality appears to be very good.  I haven’t had any extreme exposure situations and I’m still messing with Lightroom settings, but except for the addition of a bunch of new film simulations (which I love), it seems like most of my other workflow remains intact.  So far I have mostly been shooting with the also-new 16-80 f4 lens, although for last evening’s sunset photos I used the 55-200, also with good results.  I’m going to love shooting with my non-stabilized prime lenses using the new IBIS.

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

I think that’s it for now.  Once I have a few thousand photos under my belt I may have some more useful thoughts, but for now I just need to keep using the camera and solve any problems or challenges that come along.  If anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer them to the extent I am able.

Comparison of Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T1

Phase 2: Day 16 – Life In Color

Evening light from the patio

Yeah, it’s more transmission towers, but this time from a slightly different perspective.

We have about a 100 degree view from our patio, but most of the view is taken up with houses and other foreground clutter.  These towers make for an interesting foreground silhouette, since I don’t have any palm trees. 😉

The night before last, we were sitting on the porch watching the sunset, and I said, “I should get my camera.”  But I didn’t and the color got nice.  Last night, I said, “I should get my camera.”  And I did.  The color was actually a bit better than the night before, so I chose correctly. 🙂  This shows the advantage of having a long lens – 128mm with my 55-200.  I thought about giving the new IBIS a test, but opted for the stability of my tripod.

Phase 2: Day 15 – Life In Color

Shopping carts escaped from Walmart

Are you tired of looking at abandoned shopping carts yet?  There is an ample supply, and my other choice was more photos of transmission towers, so there you go.  Tomorrow may be transmission towers again!  I need to get out of the neighborhood.  Soon, I suspect.

I spent yesterday afternoon fiddling with menus and settings and taking photos of the ceiling fan on our porch.  It’s interesting what things can be controlled on these cameras, although I’m not sure what they all do or why I would need them.  I’m trying to figure out some of the custom settings but am discovering why I seldom bother – they are fussy and frustrating to figure out and it is getting in the way of taking pictures.  I’m going to keep trying, though.  Because I suspect that there is value in using them that I won’t recognize until I’ve used them.  Duh.

Today I’m working with the camera profiles in Lightroom to see what they will do.  Fuji added a bunch of new profiles to their cameras over the last 5 years or so, and I need to catch up!  There are 4 new black & white settings and a number of color/film emulations to figure out.  I try not to use the same settings all the time, but I do like to have a common starting point.  In order to know what to use I need to know (1) what I like, and (2) what they all do.  So, the homework continues!

A New Kid On The Block

My New Fujifilm X-T4

Kathy’s birthday is coming up soon, so of course I did the sensible thing and bought her a camera.  I think she’s going to let me use it. 😉  Actually, I did buy a new camera, but it’s for me.  For her birthday I think we’ll plan to go somewhere fun for me to use it.

When I migrated from Canon cameras to Fuji cameras in 2015, I bought the X-T1, followed by a “backup” X-E2.  When it was all said and done, I had a pretty enviable collection of lenses, both zooms and primes.  The whole kit weighed a fraction of what my literal suitcase of Canon gear weighed, the Fuji cameras and lenses are excellent and I paid for most of the Fuji stuff for what I sold the Canon stuff for.  Wins all around!

Now, 5 years later the camera technology has improved, to the point where when Fuji announced the X-T4 I knew it was time for an upgrade.  The X-T1 & X-E2 are still excellent cameras.  In fact, my youngest son is going to embark on his own photography journey with the bodies and two of my lenses.  So they will go to a good home, and by keeping them “in the family” maybe I can borrow them back at some point! 😉 Not really, but I wrote that for his benefit….

I had looked seriously at the X-T3 when it came out, and it is an excellent camera.  I actually rented one to try out about a year ago.  The timing wasn’t right, I felt like I still needed a second body and it was going to require different batteries, memory cards, etc., and at the time I didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do.  But after all the travel we’ve been doing the last year or so, the more I realized that I was just carrying too much stuff.  I’ve always said – jokingly – that the more lenses I carried with me the more likely it was that I had the wrong one on the camera.  So the idea of having to choose from 2 camera bodies and 8 lenses – or heaven forbid carry all of it with me! – seemed like things were getting out of hand.

Backing up a bit – several years ago we went from a 2003 Acura to a 2016 Honda.  While we thought the Acura was a pretty sophisticated car, the 13 year difference with the Honda was astounding.  The years do (usually) mean an improvement in technology, engineering and performance.  Same thing holds true for cameras , even though in this case we’re talking about a difference of only 5 years!  At the time I am typing this I haven’t even turned the camera on, but reading through the manual (YES, I did!) I am amazed at the improvement in just the custom settings alone.  I can’t wait to see what the photos look like.

I’ll write about my initial impressions once I have had a chance to take it for a spin and see what it will do.  But for now suffice it to say that the X-T4 is a pretty fine looking piece of equipment, I like the silver look instead of the all black of my X-T1, and I can’t wait to see how it performs in real life.  Stay tuned for more thoughts and many more photos!