Nice To Get Away

“Socially Distanced” Lifeguard

So far, so good with our little “experiment” of being away from home.  We visited our favorite Hilton Head restaurant yesterday evening, and it marked the return of their Wednesday night live jazz, which is main reason we like to go there on Wednesdays.  It’s “the beach,” so everyone is fairly relaxed anyway, and things aren’t a lot different now.  We’ve seen very few masks on the beach, but when we went to the grocery store about 75% or more of the people were in masks.  We’ve only been to three restaurants.  At two of the restaurants all of the servers had masks, while we haven’t seen a single guest wearing one.

Ominous clouds to the north due to a low pressure system off the coast

We’ve overheard and had several conversations with people about where they are from and how those places have been coping, but very little “hand-wringing” or negative talk.  It seems like most people are doing what makes them comfortable without a lot of judgement.  Although sometimes you hear a comments about “anti-maskers” or some such nonsense.

I’ve taken the camera to the beach at some point just about each day, although I have not tried to make photography my main goal.  I do think I’ve gotten some pretty nice shots, though.  And I’m learning more and more about how to make this new camera do what I want it to do.

Father-son fishing lesson

4 thoughts on “Nice To Get Away”

  1. Love the clouds in the second image. I had a doctor’s visit yesterday and everyone was wearing masks. They were unhappy to be wearing it but knew it was the best thing to do. I don’t expect it to take very long before you have complete mastery of this new tool, then more awesome images to share.

    1. It’s funny. I’ve been trying to use different lenses this week – I brought the 16-80, 55-200 and 10-24 in my bag but have been picking just one to go out the door with each time. That morning I went out with the 55-200 but the sky actually justified a wider choice. The price we pay for simplicity!

      In many ways it’s ‘just another camera,’ but I do seem to be getting some pretty nice results. I’ll give the camera most of the credit. 😉

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