Random: Jive Turkey

Street sweeper in Prague, Czech Republic

I was looking through my news feed earlier and saw a headline titled “New fast-casual turkey leg restaurant called Jive Turkey Hut opening in north Charlotte.” Out loud I asked “why does Charlotte (or anyone) need a restaurant that serves turkey legs? To which Kathy answered “because there are more of them than there are of you.” 😉

According to the article, they are known for their “stuffed, smothered and sauced turkey legs including a shrimp alfredo turkey leg and a crawfish macaroni and cheese turkey leg.” A location in Houston typically has lines wrapped around the building.

I realize I live a sheltered life and that we don’t frequent many restaurants, but I can’t imagine.

6 thoughts on “Random: Jive Turkey”

  1. Welcome back. I looked through your album of your last adventure. The pictures were awesome too.

  2. I also welcome you home. As for the chicken legs don’t really interest me. Although it would be a place I’d probably visit once out of curiosity. After saying that I do remember a time at a Renaissance Festival watching people carrying those gigantic turkey legs around and suddenly felt hunger. I am more interested in spending my money on important things like mocha lattes, Dove’s chocolates,and unnecessary camera stuff.

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