Last Bermuda Post!

View from our stateroom window while docked in Bermuda aboard Celebrity Summit

Very few people will be interested in this, but for those few who are, here is a brief post about our stateroom aboard Celebrity Summit.

View of our stateroom window from the helipad

On recent cruises, we have recognized the relatively better value of booking an “Ocean View” stateroom as opposed to a “Veranda” stateroom. The main difference is that an Ocean View stateroom has just a window, which can range from a porthole to a large picture window, while a Verandah stateroom has a balcony, with sliding glass doors from the room. The cruise lines have been quite successful in marketing the Verandah staterooms, since they cost more, thus being more profitable. Some of the newer ships have done away with all or nearly all Ocean View rooms for this reason. But depending on the specific cruise, the price difference can be significant.

Our stateroom #6001 on Celebrity Summit
Our stateroom #6001 on Celebrity Summit

This was our third cruise with an Ocean View room, and we have found that there are certain Ocean View staterooms on certain ships, that are much larger than “regular” Ocean View rooms, sometimes to the point where they are larger than the higher-priced Verandah rooms. We have really come to enjoy the rooms in the very front of the ship. They provide an interesting view and more space, with the tradeoff that they are on one end of the ship, so you have a long walk to just about anywhere. But we like it!

So this is just a short overview of our stateroom on Celebrity Summit. Those who have been on cruises will recognize the layout, those who have not might still be interested.

6 thoughts on “Last Bermuda Post!”

  1. I’ve never been on one so I did not know much about them. I just knew some were higher priced due to the views. I can see where the rooms towards the front of the ship would be appealing to me. Same is true of the big 747 jets.

    1. This was our 35th (!) cruise, and we’ve learned a little bit about choosing cabins. On certain cruises we still want – and are willing to pay for – a balcony. Alaska and Mediterranean cruises come to mind. I also like sitting up front on planes, and have been willing (and fortunately able) to pay for it if the length of the trip warrants it and I can get a good deal.

  2. This was enlightening informational post. Glad you both had a really nice room. Keep smiling and enjoying life!

  3. Tom, we were on that same ship for a short New Years cruise earlier this year. It was pretty impressive. We had a Veranda room because we are not as knowledgable as you (this was only our second ocean cruise). Seems like we keep just missing each other. One of these days we will bump into each other!

    1. We’ll be in your general vicinity a few times this winter. I’ll make a point of getting in touch. Look for an email with contact info and let’s see what we can work out.

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