5 thoughts on “In Formation”

  1. They sure do not place them in formation here. They are scattered all over the place. Some are standing up and some are laying down. I had to shake my head the other day as I noticed they have a sign on them saying not to ride them on the sidewalk. Yet they have them parked on the sidewalk, even to the point we have to walk around them. I feel they are an eyesore.

    1. Oh, they are usually scattered haphazardly everywhere, which is part of the reason I found these so interesting! I don’t know the process under which these companies get approved (non-existent?) but if there are rules concerning their storage they are not followed or enforced. And yes, they are hazards on the sidewalks but people seldom if ever actually ride them on the streets. Some cities have designated parking places, but evidently not Charlotte. Or Fort Collins.

      I think one might actually be fun for quick trips to the neighborhood pool or even the grocery store across the road. Except for the cars, which is why I don’t ride my bicycle any more. 🙁

      My thermometer currently reads 100. Ugh – looks like summer has arrived!

  2. The big question is, have you taken one for a spin? 🙂 When I do get into uptown, I noticed that most of the younger crowd are not walking, but zooming along the sidewalk on the scooters.

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