Signs of Spring

Castillo de San Marcos Fort in St. Augustine, Florida

We turned the air conditioning on last night for the first time this year, after hitting a high of 83 yesterday afternoon.  The pollen onslaught has begun and everything is taking on a yellow cast.  It’s going to cool off a bit this week but I’ve started pulling out my short-sleeve shirts. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. Oh, sure… it was 24 degrees when I went out this morning to take a blue-hour moonset photo. Rub it in, why doncha.

  2. Pollen?!? I start sneezing just by reading this!

    Here warmer weather starts too, and I am already holding my breath when the pollen invasion will start and make me retire into my basement office

    1. It can get pretty nasty here for a few weeks then gradually subsides as the trees leaf out. Different pollens bother different people. Hardwood pollens bother Kathy but the pine pollens and some of the fragrant spring flowers tend to get me.

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