Timing is Everything

Sunset From The Patio

Monte commented on my last post about having been inside having dinner when a nice sunset was happening.  As it turned out, Friday’s sunset here was also pretty nice, but I missed it for the same reason.  I’ve often told non-photographers that many of the best landscape photos are taken when people are either eating or sleeping.  Of course, Kathy’s version of that saying is that a sunset is best observed through a glass.  Albeit not a glass in the form of a camera lens. 😉

I had my camera all ready to go on Saturday night but it turned out to be a colorless mass of gray clouds.  But I left everything out in the office to I would be ready last night.  When the first hint of pink started in the sky I went inside, grabbed my gear and headed to the patio.  But in the course of that 1-2 minute window the pink faded as fast as it started.  I did manage to salvage a bit of the last remaining hints of color as it faded.  First photo and last photo were about 12 minutes apart.

Sunset From The Patio

Transmission towers aren’t as nice a subject as palm trees, but they aren’t drift fences, either. 🙂

Sunset From The Patio

2 thoughts on “Timing is Everything”

  1. Its not always the colors that tug at me as much as the clouds with their ever changing shape and textures. For me this series of images are what I like. Probably choose the first one as a favorite.

    1. Not surprisingly, I put that photo first because it is also my favorite – we have good taste! Interestingly, it was one of the last ones I took – they are actually posted in reverse time order.

      I agree that while colorful sunrises and sunsets are ideal, the dramatic clouds are what really makes them special, to the point where they would work equally well in black and white. The same holds true for any photo, really.

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