All Good Things….

Drift fence shadows on the beach in Hilton Head Island, South Ca

We’re headed back to our home base today, after a refreshing week at the beach.  A little photography, lots of sun, sand and surf, and even a few dinners out made for a nice break from all the hoopla at home.  It sounds like we’re returning home for the possibility of a bit more pandemonium, but after a little break it will hopefully be easier to bear.

With luck we’ll be headed out again in a couple of weeks for Ohio and perhaps beyond.  We’ll see what develops during that time.  Trying not to look farther ahead than the next journey!

4 thoughts on “All Good Things….”

    1. Home safe and sound yesterday. It was nice break. We’re looking forward to getting out again but taking it one trip at a time and in small bites. Probably looking at August now for a trip out west.

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