Phase 1: Day 12 – Out and About

Out and About: Abandoned Shopping Carts at the Bus Stop

One of the blogs that I follow is On My Om by Om Malik, a tech journalist, photographer and investor.  While perhaps a bit extreme, he started self-quarantining even before it became widespread.  A comment in a recent post echoes a sentiment I have also been having:

“…the 80-day quarantine has made me ask the two questions that I should have been asking all along: What do I value? And what is worth my time? Those two questions are intertwined.”

Kathy & I have already been asking a similar question when it comes to eating out or “splurging” on “treat foods” like Five Guys (how long has that been?!?): Is it worth it?  As in cost (both caloric and financial) and weight gain.

There have been a lot of rabbit holes during this 2+ month sabbatical, and more and more I find myself questioning whether I am spending my time in the best way I can.  I would add to the quote above a third question: “how will I feel about how I spent my time during this period 5, 10 or even 20 years from now?


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  1. Totally relate to that sentiment. I mentioned it in my blog post today. Those daily trips to the coffee shop were really not the vital or nurturing. I spent too much money and it was time that could be spent creating, growing, living more fully and a few other things

    1. The key is evaluating each of those things and determining whether they are truly important or just a routine. And there is nothing wrong with a routine as long as it doesn’t interfere with something that is ultimately more important.

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