Phase 1: Day 11 – Out and About

Out and About: Pallets Awaiting Recycling

One of the benefits from this stay-at-home period is that we’ve stopped eating restaurant food, and the positive impact on my weight has been notable.  We started tracking our weight daily over 10 years ago, and every week I’ve been consistently hitting new lows on the scale.  Since our last restaurant meal on March 16 I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I’m down 16 pounds since we returned from our Florida trip.  Kathy has been seeing similar progress.  So I’ve been wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years and starting to fill boxes for Goodwill.  It’s a problem I’m happy to have, as I’m guessing that a lot of people will be having the opposite situation to deal with, on top of whatever other challenges they face.

It looks like we’ve managed to avoid the first tropical storm of 2020, although it is gray and gloomy here today from a different system.  We got our walk in between the drops this morning, but will have to see about tomorrow when the chance of rain is supposed to be higher and the temperature lower.  After seeing 90 this past weekend, tomorrow’s high is forecast to be only 60!

4 thoughts on “Phase 1: Day 11 – Out and About”

  1. Interesting perspective on the photo and the black and white works well. That’s good news on the weight loss and fitting in the old clothes. I can’t say that!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! On a whim I decided to walk up to the pile of pallets, place my camera on one of the pieces of wood and shot a few frames. Looks a little bit like a tunnel or even a mine. Depth of field was a challenge but I think I got it pretty close to where I wanted it.

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