Florentine T-Bone aka Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla fiorentina at Buca Mario Restaurant in Florence

To paraphrase a T-shirt I saw recently, “Steak is the reason I’m not a vegetarian.” 🙂

One of the “must-do” things for me during our visit to Florence was to have the Florentine T-Bone.  According to the all-knowing Wikipedia:

“Bistecca alla fiorentina, or ‘beefsteak Florentine style’, consists of a T-bone traditionally sourced from either the Chianina or Maremmana breeds of cattle. A favorite of Tuscan cuisine, the steak is grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, seasoned with salt, sometimes with black pepper, and olive oil, applied immediately after the meat is retired from the heat. Thickly cut and very large, “Bistecca” are often shared between two or more persons, and traditionally served very rare, sometimes garnished with lemon wedges, if not accompanied by red wine, and accompanied by Tuscan beans as a side dish.”

Florentine steaks ready for cooking in Florence, Italy

We told our tour director that we wanted to have dinner at a place that is known for their Bistecca alla fiorentina, and he recommended Ristorante Buca Mario, which was a short walk from our hotel.  We went with friends who, while not looking for the B-A (big a$$) steak, were looking for a nice meal with top service and good wine at a locally-owned restaurant.

BEFORE – Bistecca alla fiorentina at Buca Mario Restaurant in Florence
THE AFTERMATH – Bistecca alla fiorentina at Buca Mario Restaurant in Florence

Mine was fortunately cut for a “single serving” which, as you can see from the photo, would likely feed a family of 4 (except my family, who loves steak!).  Italians put olive oil on everything, and mine was served the traditional way with Tuscan beans.  Of course we had red wine and finished our meal off with an outstanding tiramisu.  It’s not something I will likely get to do again, so I’m glad I did it right when I did it.

Osso buco (knuckle of veal ) florentine style (with beans in tomato and sage sauce) at Buca Mario Restaurant in Florence

8 thoughts on “Florentine T-Bone aka Bistecca Alla Fiorentina”

    1. I thought I made a pretty respectable showing, Ken. Although if I had a dog, I’m sure that he/she would have been happy to chew on that bone for a few days! 🙂

  1. Wow, that’s a huge steak. Not sure I’d been able to consume it all. Now that veal with the beans in tomato sauce and sage tweaked my attention. I must make a comment about the grin in the first image. LOL

  2. That looked tasty! I think that I could get with that! Mmmmmm! As Monte mentioned about the grin, it tell the whole story! 🙂

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