Wallpaper for January

Sunset on the golf course at The Four Seasons Resort, Nevis West Indies
Sunset on the golf course at The Four Seasons Resort, Nevis West Indies

I needed something new and tropical for my desktop.  This is a photo taken on our recent visit to Nevis.  It’s processed a bit more aggressively than I usually do it, but I think the result is pretty representative of a beautiful location.

This was taken at sunset on the second tee of the Robert Trent Jones II golf course at the Four Seasons.  That’s a guy who designs golf courses, and a big name among golfers, for those who might not know!

4 thoughts on “Wallpaper for January”

  1. I’m not a golfer but I do enjoy the visual beauty of some of these golf courses. Near my folks home outside of Phoenix is a golf course with nary a blade of grass. It’s all cactus, thorns, dirt and creepy crawler critters. Looks nothing like this scene. Dirt cheap green fees, though. 🙂

  2. I grew up in a town with one of the few free public golf courses in the country. My grandfather tried to get me interested but I never got beyond the frustration stage. To do that takes a lot more interest, patience and money than I was willing to invest. That said, I love the beauty and quiet of a golf course, especially after hours. I don’t know a lot about greens fees, but they were less than what I might have guessed they were.

    1. One of my regrets is that I never learned to play golf. I think it would have been fun and probably better for my career. This is a perfect photo for the desktop and I find darker photos work best for wallpaper, too.

  3. Thanks, Ken. I’ve always wished I could have been better at golf because I know a lot of people who play and love it. Now the skill difference is so large it would be an embarrassment to me and to my friends if I tried to play. I think ultimately photography is an activity that doesn’t cost nearly as much (potentially!), is a lot more relaxing and can be done anywhere. And I still have friends!

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