More Snow….

Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA

As I sit here on a beautiful North Carolina day, middle of December, trying to decide whether I need a coat to take a walk this afternoon, I thought I’d post a few more photos from our Thanksgiving weekend adventure to eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.  These were all taken in the vicinity of the Kidd’s Mill Covered Bridge near Reynolds, PA.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA

10 thoughts on “More Snow….”

  1. Had to laugh with this one Tom. As soon as I saw the title “More snow” and the photo, I was wondering if I missed something while I was in Arizona! LOL – Glad that this was PA instead of NC!

  2. Tom, I personally enjoy snow, especially when it’s the kind that gently coats the trees the way depicted in these photos. It’s ice and sleet I have no use for. I do hope we get a little snow (not ice) this winter.

    Our beautiful yesterday was spent doing yard work we’d been putting off for a while — after only a few minutes of this no coat or jacket was required. 🙂

  3. We still haven’t had any significant snow this year. The first light snowfall is the best and I’m really looking forward to it. Very nice shots.

  4. I love good snow photos like the first one you have posted (the ohers are nice too, but the top shot touches the right cords). I’ve had problems motivating myself to get out and shoot in the snow – hopefully, this year I’ll overcome the hesitancy and get some shots.

  5. Wish I had a choice on whether to wear a jacket or not as it’s snowing right now here in Colorado. Temperature is 20 degrees and expected to be in the single digits tonight. I like the beauty of snowfall and that quiet it brings. A snowfall can completely change how the world around us looks. It’s the cold I’m not so fond of. Like, Paul, I thought for a moment you guys had some snow. 🙂

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