Saturday In The Park

(Although it was the Fourth of September, not the Fourth of July *)

Just before he realized what I was doing.

Kathy & I met our son Scott and grandson Edison at nearby Tuckaseegee Park in Mount Holly, NC.  They have a nice playground there plus  several walking paths that run through the woods and along the Catawba River.  Edison likes to take “nature walks” so we spent an hour or so there before returning to our house to a lunch of “Tube Steaks.”

Short break on a park bench.
He doesn’t know the rules, but always “wins.”

Edison isn’t fond of my taking pictures of him but his complaints fall on (my selectively) deaf ears. 🙂

Obligatory sunstar.
Water for the soccer pitch.
Two of a kind!

* For the kids out there, a reference to a 1972 song by the best music group of all time.  Regardless what they say about bands named after bugs or rocks. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Saturday In The Park”

    1. Yes, the band has managed to rest on its laurels a bit, but far from what it was “back in the day.” Still a lot of classic tunes, even though they are pretty dated. I played trombone in a Chicago-style band back in high school and early college, and to this day I know the horn licks better than the lyrics.

  1. And my brother’s back at home
    With his Beatles and his Stones
    We never got it off on that revolution stuff
    What a drag
    Too many snags
    -Mott the Hoople, lyrics by David Bowie

    🙂 I like bugs and rocks quite a bit but cities can be cool too.

    1. Yeah, truthfully there are plenty of candidates and as many opinions as there are fans. I was always partial to the horn groups, such as Chicago, BS&T and Earth, Wind & Fire. Never listened much to the popular groups of the time. Even now I have a hard time identifying a band that “everyone” knows. But I still go back and listen with an appreciation for Yes, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin. Rick Wakeman? Oh, my. 🙂

  2. Glad you got in some son and grandson time. Always a plus in our life. I headed off to listen to Saturday in the Park and spent a good 40 minutes listening to different songs. Thanks!!!
    Hope the tube steaks were good!

    1. We always have a great time with Edison and between our travels and their schedule we don’t see him nearly enough. He is a bundle of energy, though!

      Tube steaks were good, although I forgot to get out the slaw (a Carolina thing – after nearly 30 years I’m still not fully indoctrinated!) and ended up having them “regular.” Although mustard, relish and ketchup makes for pretty good regular! We’ll finish them off for lunch today and hopefully I’ll remember the slaw. 😉

      Glad you found the inspiration to go back and listen to some of the old music. After my comment to Joe I’ve been listening to Rick Wakeman. He has done some really nice soothing piano recordings recently, although you have to sort through them to keep away from the “Game of Thrones” type heavy stuff. Quite the musician! 🙂

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