Frozen Moments

Billy’s, Roanoke VA 2009

The Cartier-Bresson quote and photo from Monte’s recent post made me remember this photo, from way back in 2009.  It is a rare photo for me, one that captures a fleeting glance, possibly a look of concern, that immediately disappeared as she averted her eyes and entered the front door of the restaurant.  A microsecond later and I would have had nothing but a girl with an umbrella.

2 thoughts on “Frozen Moments”

  1. I’ve also experienced those fleeting moments of eye contact then aversion. Probably done a lot of it myself. It is good to know there will never be this scene again. Maybe some similar but never this one.

    1. I can’t help but think that if this had been taken more recently she would have had her face in her phone and I never would have gotten the “look.” 😉

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