Pride and Patriotism

Fourth of July Parade in Belhaven, North Carolina

It’s hard to not be moved by a sense of pride in this great country when our democratic system is permitted to function as it was intended.  I shed a few emotional tears watching the ceremonies today, but I look forward to our future with optimistic and hopeful anticipation.

Fourth of July Parade in Belhaven, North Carolina

I need to go back and re-watch or read Biden’s speech, but the words that keep returning to my head are when he referred to ‘leading not by the example of our strength but by the strength of our example.  Amen to that.

Fourth of July Parade in Belhaven, North Carolina
Edenton, North Carolina

4 thoughts on “Pride and Patriotism”

  1. I did not see or read his speech but will. I did see Amanda Gorman read that poem. Dang! Man there is a lot of red in those images. Of course we always see that on the 4th.

    1. It was a good speech. Strong and sincere message and a plea for unity. Definitely worth a listen. And yes, Amanda Gorman has a lot of new fans this evening.

      I don’t have a lot of photos that suit the theme and kind of grabbed them quickly. So yes, a lot more red than blue. 😉 The irony is that I’d be willing to bet that few if any of the people in the photos voted for Biden. Belhaven is a rural and pretty conservative community. There are a lot of good people there but many of them are probably still wearing red.

  2. Besides all politics – thanks heaven that integrity is now on its path forwards, together with honesty, thoughtfulness and hopefully empathy – I found the speech of Amanda Gorman really moving and much more interesting than Lady Gaga’s performance.

    The concept of an ‘artist laureate’ is dearly missing here in Europe.

    1. I don’t always agree with who gets identified as having talent, but regardless of her dress Gaga has a powerful voice. There was a lot of talent showcased on the tribute broadcast hosted by Tom Hanks. Again, a lot of the bands are not ones I would listen to (Foo Fighters, anyone?) but I can appreciate the talent regardless.

      Glad to know you are seeing things as we do from the other side of the Atlantic!

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