All Used Up

Long-abandoned truck chassis along the Mount Holly Trail

I spotted this old relic during our walk a few days ago.  It might make for an interesting photo study, except for the fact that it sits at the very end of the 1.5-mile trail!

I keep thinking that this would make a decent black & white image, but I haven’t come up with a version I’m happy with.  When I take the color out the tones are all the same and the image looks like a flat, jumbled mess.  I’ll keep working with it to see what I can do, but in the meantime I like the color version just fine!

2 thoughts on “All Used Up”

  1. I’m thinking the 1.5 miles ain’t that far for a photo opportunity. I also like how you feel there are photos within this relic so venture on and share them.

  2. True, except that the 1.5 miles is one way! You’re right, though. And I’ll certainly go back, just not something I can do every day. 😉

    It will be interesting to see how it looks when the underbrush grows back. Vines, weeds and wildflowers, oh my!

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