Too Much Like Work

Evening on the beach, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I thought we retired….

In the last few weeks, we’ve taken advantage of a “break in the action” to meet up with a few of our key professional people – medical, legal and financial stuff that we need to address on occasion.  On top of that we’ve been working on a few home improvement projects.  As a result, the calendar has been “full” of stuff.  An appointment on Monday, an in-person meeting yesterday, conference call today, more stuff next week.  Aye-yi-yi…feels like we’ve gone back to work! 😉  I realize that it’s nothing compared to the schedules we kept when we were actually working for a living, but it feels….busy! 😉

Sunset colors looking toward Tybee Island, Georgia from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

But once we get through next week we’re hopefully pretty much clear sailing through the holidays.  Should be more time for important stuff like processing photographs and making blog posts. 🙂

Fall in the “Pixie Forest” on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Fall along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Licklog Ridge Overlook MP 349

4 thoughts on “Too Much Like Work”

  1. Before I retired, an already-retired friend told me he was thinking about getting a job again so he could get some of his personal projects done.

    Some days… it totally feels like that. 🙂

    1. You’re right about that. Some days I get up with nothing to do and only manage to get half of it done. 😉

      Friends who once owned a wine shop used to tell about a guy who came into their store and said that he wanted to retire and start his own wine shop. Friends said “dude, this isn’t retired!”

      We do enjoy the freedom to do pretty much what we want when we want to, but are occasionally reminded of the time when we had to be more diligent about how we got things done.

  2. My dad told me was busier after retiring than when he worked. Glad you are getting needed things taken care of so that you can enjoy the holidays. Love that third image in Pixie Forest.

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