A Little Taste of Fall?

No, this is from last year!  From Colorado….

Kathy & I woke this morning to a temperature of 68 degrees and a noticeable drop in humidity.  We had our morning coffee & tea on the screened porch and almost needed our sleeves! 🙂

Kathy & I met our friend Paul for lunch today, and on the way home Kathy said that the shadows and colors on the houses looked like fall.  The air is crispy clear and it does have that fall look.  But we’re not fooled!  This will only last a few days before the heat and humidity return.  In the meantime we’ll enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Fall?”

    1. Hopefully some rain will help tame the wildfires out there. We’ve been reading about the record heat out west and hope it dissipates by the time we’re out there. Yikes!

  1. We are having some hints in the mornings here in Michigan. Last night I think was in the 50s for the first time in a while. A welcome time of year for me. Love the photo, especially the complimentary colors.

    1. Somehow your comment got hung up in moderation – sorry!

      This was a very special afternoon. We were actually out shooting with Monte with no particular destination and ended up with some of my favorite photographs from the year, not just the trip!

      Yes, loving the cooler mornings – at this point even 70 feels good in the morning, looking forward to having to throw on some sleeves when I head out for our walk. 😉

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