Phase 1: Day 14 – On To Phase II

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Today we start the transition to Phase II of our governor’s reopening plan.  This allows personal care businesses like hair salons to open under certain restrictions, and allows restaurants to resume indoor seating, again with certain restrictions.  Many restaurants will be open at 5:00 today, although a surprising number of them appear to be holding off for a while.  Truthfully, I think this is a good example of allowing businesses and individuals to make their own decision.  Our favorite Italian restaurant, for example, posted on Facebook that the dining room will remain closed for now.  Evidently they feel it is too soon, and they appear to be successful with their carryout program.  We’re not in a rush to be first.  We wish them all well and will be there when we feel it is time.

I’m going to start something different for Phase II but haven’t decided what.  I think I’ll continue to post daily, but want to mix things up a bit.  Maybe some stuff from the archives to show off some of the work I’ve been doing lately on the old files.  We’ll see! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Phase 1: Day 14 – On To Phase II”

  1. I like the idea of letting businesses make some decisions but definitely give them all the information you can and a few guidelines to follow. If not, then those in power will make all the decisions according to their wants. It’s such a mixed bag. I like that your favorite Italian restaurant is waiting.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that as well, Monte. Most of our other favorites (there aren’t many!) are opening today or tomorrow. A friend who recently opened a Chinese restaurant (talk about bad timing) has been takeout only since he opened about a month ago. I think he’s going to start with dine in on June 1.

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