Ordinary Household Objects: Day 44

Ordinary Household Objects: Rocking Chair

Falstaff: To die is to be a counterfeit, for he is but the counterfeit of a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying, when a man thereby liveth, is to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have sav’d my life.

Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part 1 Act 5, Scene 4

We got word this week that our favorite motel in the mountains is re-opening today.  We’re resisting the urge to rush over there – the restaurants aren’t open for dining in yet, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is open and I fear it will be overrun.  Blue Ridge Parkway, last I heard, is still closed.

It appears that there are many people volunteering to be guinea pigs, and I’m happy to let them.  It’s not a matter of fear for me, but rather a sense that I don’t have to be first in line for anything.  There’s a message in that bell curve, and I’ll stay comfortably ensconced on my side of the curve for a little while longer.  Kathy & I are informally using our next haircut as our benchmark.  Salons open in Phase II, which should be another 2-3 weeks.  That will give plenty of time to see how the impatient ones make out.  In the meantime, our weight keeps sliding down the scale, so the longer we avoid restaurants the better off we are.  We’re getting plenty of exercise and fresh air and getting lots of long-overlooked projects out of the way.  Making the best of looking at the bright side, so to speak.

This is the last photo I’ve taken for this project, but as much as I said the other day that I was tired of it, I think I might continue, just perhaps with a different theme.  I figure we aren’t going anywhere so I might as well make new photos.  Maybe I’ll work on photos from outside the house instead of inside.  At the very least I’ll try to continue posting some kind of daily photo, even if it is one from the archives.  I’m working diligently on trying to finish up with my unprocessed photos and hope to have that project wrapped up soon.  There are plenty of treasures in that pile to share, too!

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 44”

  1. Yes, I’m not one to be a guinea pig for this virus. I will follow the directives by the state and stay on the conservative side of their guidelines. I’m still walking every day, except the day it rained. I am seeing more people out walking and biking, even more cars than last week, which saddens me. Took my car in for a tuneup and try to find an oil leak. That’ll cost me. Please continue one with the photo-a-day project and when you find those treasures be sure to share them with us.

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement, Monte. Yes, the photo-a-day project is a good motivator for me, and I’ll see what I can do with it.

      Hopefully that raccoon wasn’t drinking your oil too. That seems to be one of the problems with taking a car in for service. Something else crops up shortly thereafter. Not wanting to cast doubt, but it happens often, ;(

        1. That should be relatively minor, as oil leaks go. Here’s hoping! I wouldn’t want you to have to spend all of your “cheese” on your car. 😉

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