Ordinary Household Objects: Day 37

Ordinary Household Objects: Washing Machine

We put a whopping 152 miles on our car during the month of April.  I walked 51 miles in the month.  If it wasn’t for the 3 times we went for a “ride in the country” I might have walked farther than I drove!  I think some of my neighbors drive more than 50 miles in a month just going to Walmart and back. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 37”

  1. A drive to Walmart is a waste, in my books. That’s more miles than I did for the month, walking or driving. You’re following the rules!

    1. You’d need to see it on a map to understand, but you pass the Walmart on the way to our neighborhood, so I walk past the Walmart on my walks. I’ve never been in the Walmart, but I have neighbors who I swear must go there multiple times a day.

      I went to buy coffee today but my place is closed until (hopefully) next week. I picked up an emergency supply of Peet’s at the grocery store that will last me a week or so, then we’ll see. Possible coffee crisis…yikes!

    1. True! The good thing is that my absolute favorite place for coffee, which is in Waynesville, is offering free shipping for online orders. I’ve been preferring to support the local guy but the Waynesville guy is local to Waynesville, so I’ll go that route if I need to. 😉

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