All Aboard!

Central Park area aboard Symphony of the Seas
Ice skating show at “Studio B” aboard Symphony of the Seas

Spending a week (or two) aboard a cruise ship with 6000 or so of ones closest friends can be a little challenging, especially for someone who tends to be a little introverted.  Yeah, that’s me.  Kathy too.

Royal Promenade aboard Symphony of the Seas
HiRO show at the Aqua Theater on Symphony of the Seas

We’ve been on enough cruises to know how to find our own space and can usually do so pretty reliably.  During the day there are always a few spots on board that are out of the way and quiet.  That usually involves a lounge or the library, but could also mean a sun deck away from the pool or the Promenade, where there is no food or bar service!  Of course we could always retreat to the balcony of our own stateroom.  We found such places on Symphony of the Seas, but there were also places where it was so noisy that individual voices pretty much disappeared.  Those places were never our first choice, but sometimes finding a comfy seat in a noisy place was preferable!

In Cozumel, Mexico aboard Symphony of the Seas
Symphony of the Seas in Costa Maya, Mexico

We have come to really enjoy cruising.  After this last cruise, which was actually two separate cruises that we sailed back to back, we’ve been on 25 cruises!  And we have two more booked, one for later this year and one more in January next year.  Needless to say it is an important part of our travel plans.

Sunrise and arrival in Nassau, Bahamas aboard Symphony of the Seas
Sunrise and arrival in Nassau, Bahamas aboard Symphony of the Seas

I’ll have more to say and photos to post about some of the specific ports and experiences from this recent cruise soon.  And I still have some posts to write from our trip to Florida.  I’d better hurry up though, because it won’t be long until we embark our our next adventure.  Stay tuned!

Aboard Symphony of the Seas
Aboard Symphony of the Seas

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  1. Okay, this ship is, well, you know, humongous! I have never seen a large cruise ship like this up close. These things really are floating cities.

    1. It’s the largest ship we’ve ever been on (obvious since it is the largest ship ever!) and frankly was too large for our taste. We recently booked a cruise for this coming April through the Panama Canal on a ship with only 670 passengers – roughly 1/10 the size of Symphony. That should be a bit quieter and a lot more relaxing!

  2. Oh my Gosh! That is a city of itself. I hav enever experience a cruise and have no desire to go on one. Maybe if I was married and had a spouse who was, I’d go on them. Wonderful series of images!

    Every time I post a comment I must re-enter my name, email and website. Do you know how I can have your site remember me?

    1. The town in Ohio where we used to live had fewer people than this ship. It didn’t feel ‘quite’ that large but it was certainly a lot of people. Our youngest son enjoys traveling on his own and has taken a number of cruises by himself. But he also enjoys traveling with others so it is helpful that he can have both.

      You’ve mentioned before about the auto-fill on addresses, etc. I don’t think it is anything I’m doing and expect it to maybe be a browser setting. I know that Chrome has settings for auto-fill, which I have turned on. In my browser it suggests input when I click on a cell , and I just select from the dropdown.

      I’ll do some more poking around, but don’t have far to go before I exceed my expertise!

      1. I’m not sure if this will help or not, but I just found and checked a box for “Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox, allowing comment author cookies to be set.” We’ll see if that makes a difference, although it can’t possibly be that easy!

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