Postcard From Minneapolis

The Music Wall, Minneapolis

Since I’ve recently disconnected my blog from Facebook, I’ve been trying to come up with a good way for people who really care what we’re up to to keep track of our adventures. Stealing the name but not exactly the concept from someone more famous than me, I’ve decided to start posting “postcards” as single photos along the way.

We’re in Minneapolis this week so Kathy can train her replacement. I’m working but also have some free time to explore.

8 thoughts on “Postcard From Minneapolis”

  1. And this works well, Tom – I like that “almost black-and-white” with just enough color added to make it even more interesting for the viewer.

    1. Thank you, Marcus. This was a fairly monochromatic scene anyway, but I’ll admit to toning it down just a little. There is a similar wall painted with portraits of Bob Dylan through the years, and it has a lot more color. I hope to get back there later in the week.

    1. This is only my second time here but I like it a lot. I just wouldn’t want to be here in winter… November was cold enough!

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