Spoiled For Choice

If someone put a motor on an ofo, would that make it a mofo?

A recent Charlotte phenomenon is the proliferation of something called  “dockless bike-sharing programs.”  By using an app on your phone (of course) you can pick up one of these bikes, ride it wherever you want, and leave it there.  It unlocks automagically using the app, then presumably locks itself when you are finished.

It’s kind of an interesting concept, and I kind of hope it catches on, but I have to wonder just how many people are actually going to ride these things.  A recent news article indicated the city council had authorized four different companies to have up to 2,000 bikes in town.  That seems like a lot.

Maybe on the first 70 degree day we should have a Bike-In, and everyone head out at lunch time, ride a bike to some central location and leave them all in one place.  Seems like a lot of trouble but what the heck.

2 thoughts on “Spoiled For Choice”

  1. I’ve seen these oddly colored bikes and wondered about them, but never thought to look into them. The ones sponsored by Carolinas Health Care, the blue bikes, are at several places. I see empty slots, but never see anyone riding the bikes. Ghost riders? 🙂
    I like the name, Mofo! You should pitch it!

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