Computer Update

Sunset at the Yacht Basin – Southport, NC

This past weekend I took the final steps on my transition from OSX to Windows that I wrote about in my last post.  I had kept my two external hard drives in OSX format until I was certain that everything was working properly in Windows.  After a couple of weeks of confirmation I made the commitment, purchased the full version of GoodSync, and copied all my files to the newly-formatted-for-Windows external hard drives.

Torrence Creek Greenway, Huntersville, NC

The computer transition came off without a hitch.  The machine is working well, actually better than it was before.  I hadn’t realized it, but my video card had not been working with Lightroom.  Now it is, and everything else seems to be happy and the machine is just plugging along.  Other than the obvious changes in menu choices and settings, it’s not been too hard of a change.

Norfolk Southern Maintenance Shop Building – New Bern, NC

The only problem I’ve had is not related to the computer.  I mentioned in my last post that my printer had not been working with my “Hackintosh” and that I was counting on the move to Windows to resolve that.  In fact, the switch did resolve the issue.  My computer loaded the drivers, found the printer and runs just fine.  My problem now is that the printer – which was already starting to run low on ink (at $900 a set!) – is now demanding a new print head, a $430 investment.  The printer has two such print heads and I replaced the other one about 2 years ago.  So I’ve decided that investing another $1,300+ in a printer that is 10+ years old and way too large for my current needs is not a wise use of funds.  I ordered a brand-new, smaller Canon printer from B&H for less than the cost of the print head  – before a $200 rebate – and will attempt to responsibly dispose of the old hulk.

Southport, NC

If anyone is interested in a “free” Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 let me know, but act fast, this offer ends soon! 😉

Helen, Georgia

4 thoughts on “Computer Update”

  1. You can print any one of these photos large format and they would be beautiful. I only have a few prints made a year so it’s a lot cheaper to have good professionals do it.
    I’m all Windows all the time. I use a 27″ Mac at the Museum but, as much as I like the monitor, my Windows machine is much easier to use.

    1. Thanks Ken. I found that I was mostly using the printer for proofing, and that the rare times I did use it was to prepare a file to be printed by a lab in a larger size or on a different medium like canvas or metal. Another reason why I don’t need the 17″ beast. That sounds like a subject for a future post. 😉

  2. All good news! I no longer print at home as the initial cost of it, the maintenance and updating when the time came. For no more than I print the cost was not effective. Glad to know all is well we have a rather happy Tom. 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks Monte! B&H has been closed for holidays the past week and opens again tomorrow, so hopefully the printer will come later this week. In the meantime I’ve got someone coming this weekend to haul away the old printer, so I’ll be even happier to have more room in my office!

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